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I'm Kate - freelance writer and lover of literature, travel, gastronomy, and the Spanish language. I reside in the vibrant city of Madrid, and am here to share my experiences, fictional pieces, adventures, poetry, and photography. If my work could be of service to your company, please reach out at


I strive to extract entries from my sun-bleached, drenched-then-dried journal pages and into the digital world through my travel blog. Read for tips, trips, while learning how I navigate the peaks and perils of travel. Here I also showcase some of my photography. I am here to explore the interplay of the arts - what one sees one writes, what one writes, one sees...



The hub of  journalistic pieces, recipes, and experiences. Please comment on any piece if you feel inclined - I love to engage in conversation with my readers.


Fiction is my playground - follow me on my journey as I weave my way through plots and characters. I am gaining my footing here, developing my hobby, and learning from a myriad of authors along the way.


I find there are fewer things as beautiful as crafting sensations into words. My poems are nontraditional, personal, and imperfect.


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