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July 25 on a Sardinian Beach

Babies with bandanas

Sweaty thighs and salty upper lips

Whetted palates

Squinty eyes and crows feet

Naked blonde toddlers doggy paddle

while puppies swim

Ribs poke out of torsos

both in the young and the old

Red-haired dreadlocks

drenched then damp

plump boys with adult haircuts sip cola

Shades of neutral linen

oversized and wrinkled from easy living

Sprinkled with squid ink

Clusters of cream-colored and caramel skin

Friendship is color blind

Water droplets form jewel-studded eyelashes

Sunscreen-studded jewelry

Sand-studded backs

A shedding of taste for material goods

yet heightened appreciation for beauty

A centenarian woman

finding stillness where the water laps the land

Toenails peeking out from the sand

Gazing upon a body once had

Animated tongues dancing in rich language

An inundating inspiration

from soaking in the European lifestyle

simple yet capricious

lunch for breakfast

peaceful minds

and frenetic thoughts

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